Winner of the Alanis Obomsawin Best Documentary Award at the ImagineNative Film Festival, this charming National Film Board of Canada production brings us into the heart of volunteer run CBQM radio, the heartbeat of Fort McPherson, a Gwich’in community in Canada’s far north.

In candid interviews against the backdrop of a traditional whaling camp, the filmmaker and his father explore their one time strained relationship.  Sparked by colonization, and fueled by substance abuse, a wedge was driven between generations that has yet to heal.  Honorable Mention at the Columbus Film and Video Festival.

The ancient Kasho Go-tine of tiny Colville Lake, Northwest Territories, are one of the last remaining nomadic cultures in Canada.  Every autumn, the entire community travels the barrenlands to hunt caribou, the sustainer of life.  And in the summer of 1998, they embarked on a traditional walking route in hopes of preserving a part of their rapidly eroding culture.

Official entry at the 2001 Sundance Film Festival, this well crafted short drama takes us into the world of an aboriginal police officer torn between his father’s ancient justice system and his duty to uphold Canadian law.


My Father My Teacher

The Hunt and The Walk

2 part series

Someplace Better